Dental Information


Bad breath is not normal!  It indicates bacterial growth on the teeth and gums.  Left untreated, the gums weaken, allowing further bacterial infection, bleeding, pain, and loose teeth.  This is Periodontal Disease (POD), and it is a cause of early aging, because disease in the mouth translates to disease in the body.  The constant bacterial numbers negatively affect the liver, kidneys, and heart.  Now here is the good news:  POD is completely treatable and preventable with good dental hygiene!  This starts with a Dental Exam that we perform on every pet at every Wellness Visit, then a customized home care plan, and regular professional dental cleanings performed here at the hospital,  usually every 2-3 years.  The only difference  between human and animal dentistry is that animal dentistry is performed under sedation or anesthesia.  This is necessary because of the fear and discomfort the animal would experience otherwise, and also in order to perform a thorough cleaning, impossible while the animal is awake.  Here is what the American Veterinary Dental College has to say about  anesthesia for dental cleanings.  Regular Professional Dental Cleanings performed to prevent periodontal disease are also much less costly than treating  existing periodontal disease.   And you’ll be helping to extend your little buddy’s health for as long as possible.   Examples of home care include special dental-cleaning food and tooth brushing.  Super-soft toothbrushes and chicken-flavored toothpaste can make the experience surprisingly do-able, even enjoyable. For the animal that refuses to sit still for a brushing, you can use a special enzymatic gel that is simply applied along the gum line with no brushing required.  Many companies make treats that are specifically designed to maintain oral health.  Keep in mind that these products will not replace the need for professional dental cleanings, but will aid in minimizing bacteria and prolonging the period between dental cleanings.  

Has it been a year since your pet’s last Wellness Visit or Dental Exam? If so, call us today to schedule your appointment.  We look forward to seeing you both!