The Truth on Itching



There may be several causes for your pooch’s dry and itchy skin. Allergies are the primary source of itch. Contact dermatitis can occur without warning and may be caused by anything from household items, such as a cleaner or the detergent you used to wash his doggie bed, to pollens he may come in contact with when he rolled in the grass in your back yard. Your pup is capable of developing an allergy to things to which he has had much exposure, though most occurances are from environmental changes. Food allergies are a different type of allergic dermatitis. Typically dogs are put on a food trial of a hypoallergenic diet to monitor response. It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember to give a dog on a hypoallergenic diet ONLY food that has been labeled hypoallergenic. You may think your regular treat is harmless and won’t throw him off course, but this mistake could make him miserable and cost you lots in vet bills!

It is also possible that your dog is itching due to a parasite infestation or a fungal / bacterial infection. These causes do require prescription medication to treat, so it is important to bring your furry friend to get a check up if you notice any symptoms. These symptoms may include scratching, fur loss, flaky skin, redness, swelling, hot spots, or more severe cases can present lethargy and vomiting.

Because there are multiple symptoms for itching, there are also multiple treatments. A simple addition of fatty acids and fish oils can help your pooch to have a shiny , smooth coat. This can be given via treats or a supplement squirted over the food. Using a moisturizing or medicated shampoo will help with the itching, and keeping him on a monthly flea preventative will prevent flea allergies. Talk to our staff if you have questions about the best product for your dog’s individual condition.